The Quest set by Lord Kypton

King Haldamir lies dying from an assassin’s poisoned bolt. You come from noble families, from lands also under threat of the great darkness from the North. You have been asked in turn to attend a secret council in the city of Belfanoc on the shores of the Mighty Garnon River. Lord Kypton rules over the Realm of his father Haldamir. The realm has been attacked by Drow and Orc as well as other evil kind from the Wastes of Torgotha to the Northwest and are backed by mysterious forces as of yet unknown.

Your council needs to remain secret because the enemies spies are very effective. Your summons is vague, but the need is clear for the war goes badly. You have been asked individually to venture in haste to meet under the first full moon in Summer at a storehouse called “Hydra’s Horde” in Belfanoc. There you will ask the merchant for a barrel of Red Rum. He will direct you from there

Kypton's Quest

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