Kypton's Quest

The Breach at Grimhold Keep

As we emerge we are greeted by the rescued commoners and tradespersons. Quinn is there with a box of healing potions. A merchant calls out, “You should have seen them slaughter those Orcs, Quinn.” Gnargle recommends that the non-combtants return below and esxit onto the hill-top, safe from the coming seige.

An Acolyte comes up to Quinn, “They need more vials.” “Have they sealed the breach?” Quinn asks. No they haven’t. Quinn gives us each a healing potion and asks for our help. “Of course” we reply.

Tespin’s sparrow circles the room and exits. A guard briefs us on the status of the breach and our defences – how many archers are down, etc., and tells us to look for Quinn and his Acolytes if we are injured, as they will be providing healing during the battle.

The breach is beside the main gate. Bangalor and the remaining archers will cover the breach as Gnargle seals it.

Tespin is above on the wall shooting into the breach – all of the other archers are dead, an dthe forces on both sides are diminished. Parts of the Keep are aflame and smoke obscures our view – even as a dense mist, 3 feet high begins to pour in through the breach.

The front courtyard is filled with battle – knights, dwarves, Beragin and Loatrin are all fighting Orcs. Gnargle casts Cloud of Daggers to block the breach as the rest of us join the fray. As we fight the main gate is destroyed. Beragin pulls his men to defend the gate.

Orcs entering the breach die as the invisible daggers tear them to shreds. At the gate 3 knights, 2 clerics, 4 dwarven warriors are dead as they take down many orcs. 2 ogres come crashing through. One knocks Beragin flying, then sends an axe into Quinn’s back as he rushes to heal him. The other ogre throws an axe hitting Tespin atop the wall shotting down at him.

Some Orc raiders make it through the breach, but we quickly take them down. meanwhile, the ogres are decimating our forces, even as we manage to stop the lesser orcs coming through.

Bangalor finishes off one of the ogres. Aelodir calls down a Divine Glow, increasing the strength & morale of the defenders. The slaughter continues, and Tespin manages to take down the other ogre, even after being hits by a large rock thrown by [[:kindell].

Kindell smashes his way through the gate and the knights and dwarves massed there. Quinn is sent flying by the debris and Tespin tries to call over Gnargle. Gnargle tries to slow Kindell down with a Shock Sphere as the others takes down the remaining orc raiders and berzerkers. We’ve used up our healing potions by now. Tespin managhes to fire an arrow into the frothing Kindell. Gnargle makes it to Tespin, who gives him a poisoned dagger – “Kindell is regenerating. You must him with this!”

Kindell swings his club and smashes Bangalor. Aelodir calls on the power of Pelor to spear the hillgiant with a Lance of Faith and burn him with Solar Enemy. Gnargle throws the poisoned dagger and hits Kindell. Quinn and Loatrin are badly injured and Gnargle grabs Quinn’s satchels. Kindell pulls out the dagger and turns on Gnargle. Gnargle drinks down a healing potion and fires off a Cloud of Daggers. As Kindell swings at him with the club Gnargle Fades from view then magically creates sounds to kindell’s left, drawing him away. Gnargle fires Magic Missiles into him as Bangalor’s attack misses. A stray swing of the club glances Gnargle. Aelodir heals Gnargle as she spears Kindell with her Lance of Faith and Cavendish ‘Magpie’ Marek masterfully stabs an Orc Berzerker, the Stormbiter Warblade arcing lightning through him.

Gnargle gets healing potions to Tespin, and together they hit Kindell with arrows and Magic Missiles. Kindell makes a mighty swing and crushes Bangalor to paste, killing him instantly. More arrows, magic Missiles and Lances of Faith finally wound Kindell to the point where he tries to retreat, until he is finally taken down by Aelodir. Seeing him fall the orcs flee.

We tend to the wounded. Bangalor and Beragin are dead, but we manage to heal Quinn and Loatrin. The remaining survivors block up the gate and the breached wall.



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