Year = 12 months of 4 8-day weeks (32 days/month, 384 days/year)

  • Winter Solstice ends the year and begins the new year – (January=Snowfall, February=Hoarfrost, March=Firstmelt)
  • Spring Equinox ends winter and starts spring (April=Newbud, May=Leafburst, June=GreenGrowth)
  • Summer Solstice ends spring, begins summer (July=Sunwarm, August=Dryheat, September=Fruitripe)
  • Autumn Equinox ends summer, begins autumn (October=Harvest, November=Coldwind, December=Enddark)

Days of the week: Moonday, Tavesday, Wotansday, MidWeek, Thorsday, Freyaday, Starday, Sunday. Starday and Sunday are days of rest (Schools are not in session, banks and merchants close early), Midweek is a half-day of rest (schools let out early).

The moon is extremely regular, on a 32-day cycle. This causes the full moon to be on the evening of the last day of each month, and the dark of the moon to be on the evening of the 16th of every month.


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